Why You Need to Commit Social Media Suicide

“The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions and all else, now meddles no more and longs eagerly for just two things—-Bread and Circuses!” – Juvenal

In this quote, the ancient satirical writer Juvenal laments the decline of the Roman Empire as he watches men become soft and weak.

As long as they get their food and entertainment, they’re happy and docile. If you think things have changed since Roman times…you’re wrong. Power is still in the hands of the elite who now offer genetically modified junk food and uses the media to create reality tv circuses.

The saying goes: the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. In America, as the gap between the elite and the masses widen, they get better at distracting you to keep the public poor and unhappy.

The rise of media accelerated faster than we’ve thought. It may not have existed 200 years ago, but it is essentially a new way teach society a set belief system to keep you obedient and in check.

As humans, we will always be ruled by an elite. We want to be ruled. The elite needs to keep societal control, to keep their head on top.

The goal isn’t to revolt against the elite. Order needs to exist to have a well-functioned society. What the main focus should be on is to do things in your own best interest; not societies.

What I mean by this is working for something you love to do, and doing things you want to do. But, society has distracted you in so many different ways to keep you tired, weak, and ignorant so you won’t do anything about it.

For example, after you worked the job you hated, you come home to your family finding whatever pleasures you can get out of life; and the less free time you have, the quicker/easier/efficient you need it to be. Possibly some porn, and maybe some booze on the weekends. Distractions such as sports.

If you want to have the freedom you want, make your own income, you must make sacrifices.  If it was easy, everyone would have already done it. The easy way out leads to nowhere. Only when taken the path that nobody else took is where things change.

You are clearly unhappy with certain parts of your life right now. But ask yourself, what are you doing to change it?

The definition to insanity is doing the same thing over, and over again. – Albert Einstein

If what society has molded for you isn’t working out; isn’t the only logical thing to do is change? You need to unplug yourself from the machine and spend your time building the best life for yourself, enjoying your own interests. You cannot afford any distractions such as social media and politics holding you back from getting there.


Tell me how many friends you have on facebook that you talk to on a consistent basis. I dare you to delete your Facebook account and start over – only add the people who are truly actually in your life. Think about how large of a disparity really is.

Facebook is like a little poster board in a gallery where everyone has their own posterboard. In this gallery, people only post things on their board that they’ll know other people would want to look at.

This forces you to compete with false representation of people, leaving you in a negative state to “why can’t my life be like X’s posterboard” instead of focusing on your own life.

Facebook will suck your time dry, and you’ve probably experienced 2 minutes of Facebook surfing, which turns into 2 hours. Facebook is a platform to connect for whatever reason that may be, for example, family or business – but the only life you should be focusing on is your own.


Trust me, it’s great to have a vote or a ‘voice’ in politics. Think about it, does it truly matter?

Politics is a charade. Let me tell you, your vote doesn’t matter. People who truly are decision makers in politics are the ones with wealth. The elite, holding most of the wealth, civilization has been slavery from the beginning but society tells you otherwise.

Debates in the political arena. Primaries held. Charitable events. Hundreds of thousands watch and attend. They are all just mere forms of entertainment for you to indulge in. These politicians aren’t truly the ones that hold the power. They’re just the figures (like models in fashion) who are executives for the wealthy aristocrats.


Just another extension of entertainment. MMA, UFC, Football. Men roughhousing. People like it, so people watch it…and not only people waste time watching it, but people actually talk about it. It’s now a very popular conversating topic to keep this part of society alive. They also used sports to tie in with your home state so it’s everything you’re going to see.

It even got to a point where Fantasy Football was created. One more extension to keep you distracted. By watching the Eagles play the Redskins for 2 hours, what did you truly learn?That the Eagles beat the Redskins? Fantastic. How has this contributed to your life?


The average American watches 34 hours of tv a week, that’s almost another full-time job.

Do you understand that? You could have been making x2 the money you are now if you worked another job and was a little more productive. I don’t believe in wage slavery, but you hate your first job – so why pick up a second?

My bills are paid, and everything is fine.*Picks up TV remote*

Television is another indoctrination machine that promotes debt, consumer culture, and shitty values. They take up the other 50% of your free time, so what else do you know?

Do you understand that all of you could use that time start your own business? Follow a passion your truly love?

Turn what you love into profit, and actually love and profit from your job? To me, it really doesn’t get any better than that.


To me, movies are an art. I believe movies aren’t the devil but should be indulged occasionally.


You’re spending time controlling a virtual figure that gets you nothing out of life. Does this not speak for itself? Playing on GTA, running over people is fun but it’s probably the least productive thing you should be doing.

Instead of escaping reality, get your life in order so you can create your own reality and never have to escape.

3 Replies to “Why You Need to Commit Social Media Suicide

  1. I think it’s more about people not being able to take stand over their lives, because that’s what educational system doesn’t provide. Therefore they are vulnerable to such a great tool that social media are.

    1. You’re completely right; but how can people create their own lives when the most time of your youth is controlled and spent in the education system? In the bigger picture, corporations not only control the education system to leave you naive to the real world – but social media defiantly support it. It became so appealing and it’s everywhere.
      All your time is spent gazing at other peoples lives…with the little time you actually have for yourself. The goal is to keep your life distracted.
      Trust me social media is an amazing tool…but 99% of the population uses it for the wrong reasons. It became so mindless and addicting, it sucks your time dry with absolutely no return. You’re better off without it.

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